JAWKインターナショナル 会員の活動 JAWK International Social Activities

国際交流を通して相互理解と親交を深め、地域社会への福祉に貢献する為、年4~5回の定例会が催されます。(会員のみの例会、アートショー、カルチャーイベント、チャリティを目的としたバザーやラッフル&ビンゴなど)また少人数のグループ活動、SING(スモールインタ―レストグループ)では 会員間の親睦を高める為の様々な企画があります。
So as to promote further international understanding, and friendship, and contribute to local charities, JAWK holds four to five annual events: Members only General Meeting, Art Show, Cultural Exchange, Charity Bring & Buy, Raffle & Bingo. SING (Small Interest Group) activities are planned for members to enjoy.

クリスマスパーティー 2017年12月15日

名誉会長米国総領事Karen Kelley氏もご出席くださり、長年のJAWKインターナショナルの活動に対しての謝意をいただきました。

Christmas Party December 15, 2017

Cafe Freundlieb adorned for the festive season, was the venue for our gathering of over 70 people. Our honorary President, U.S.Consulate General Osaka, Karen Kelley attended, and expressed praise to the many years of JAWK International’s social activities.
All the way from Okayama, Mr. John Thomas Wells, spoke of Bizen pottery and performed jazz guitar. We shared a lovely buffet dinner, played BINGO and joined voices singing Christmas songs. The beautiful illuminations saw us off, after a lovely evening, warm and merry!

秋の昼食会 2017年9月22日


Autumn Luncheon September 22, 2017

The General Meeting for members only was held at the Kobe Portopia Hotel. After introduction of the Board and reports from the various committees, we enjoyed a beautifully presented Shokado lunch. Captain Nakamura of the Hyogo Police Force gave a speech on the increasing fraud that threatens innocent citizens, “You May Be Next”. The audience showed strong interest and were insured that when in doubt, they should feel free to consult the Police.
The meeting ended on a high note, with the “almost traditional” mini-raffle, with exciting prizes.

チャリティ・ラッフル&ビンゴ 2017年5月26日


Charity Raffle & BINGO May 26, 2017

JAWK International held their annual Raffle & BINGO at the Kobe Portopia Hotel on May 26, 2017. Being the 40th Anniversary Event, over 270 members and guests gathered to celebrate and enjoy. The Welfare Committee reported that they would be donating ¥2,910,000 this year, adding to the ¥129,000,000 that the organization has donated over the last 40 years. After a unique International Bento Lunch, was the exciting BINGO games, and the room was filled with happy people winning the abundant prizes! The raffle draws ensued. Anticipation and excitement filled the air as people went home with the likes of Delta Airlines return tickets to Hawaii, hotel vouchers, travel coupons, and jewelry. About ¥2,000,000 proceeds that will finance our welfare activities is due to the innumerous contributors and attendants that have supported our organization over the years.

カルチャーイベント スーパー二胡リサイタル 2017年3月24日

2017年3月24日 神戸ポートピアホテルにおいて世界的二胡奏者、許可(シュイ・クゥ)氏によるスーパー二胡リサイタルが開催されました。現在東京在住の許可氏は流ちょうな日本語で二胡の歴史やその音楽についてユーモアを交えてお話しくださり、会場の皆も理解を深めたうえで許可氏の演奏を聴くという、なんとも贅沢なひと時を過ごしました。また伴奏の林佳勲(リン・ジャシュン)氏によるピアノソロ、ショパンの調べに心を洗われ、アンコールでは許可氏が一番お好きな日本の曲として「五木の子守歌」をアカペラで演奏され、その深い音色は出席者の心にしみわたり、大きな感動をもたらしました。リサイタルの後は会場を移してポートピアホテル心づくしのランチを頂き、和やかに会を終えました。

Cultural Event Super Erhu Recital March 24, 2017

It was March 24, 2017 that we welcomed world renown Erhu player, Xu Ke to perform at the Kobe Portopia Hotel. Mr. Xu Ke not only entertained with his instrumental skills, but with his humorous commentary on the art and history of the Erhu, in perfect Japanese. Accompanist Lin Jiaxun, charmed the audience with his solo performance of Chopin. An unexpected surprise was the Erhu rendition of “Itsuki Lullaby”, presented as the artist’s favorite Japanese song. The hotel served an incredible lunch in an adjacent room, following the recital.


9月例会: 年度始めの会員報告会
September: General Meeting for members only

2007 Jazz Concert with Jiro Yoshida
(30th Anniversary)

アートショー: 各界のアーティストによる展示会
Art Show: Exhibition of Artists of Various Fields

Cultural Exchange:
Music, Performing Arts of both East & West

Raffle & Bingo:
All proceeds go to scholarships & charities

Christmas Charity Concert

The members also, literally "pitch in", work together to raise funds at the annual Bring & Buy.

SINGの会での想い出 Memorable Moments at SING Meetings

信楽を訪ねて 2016年10月28日


Visiting Shigaraki October 28, 2016

9 members boarded a chartered microbus in Kobe, abound to Shigaraki, for an autumn day trip. It was a fun-filled excursion, shopping, touring and enjoying lunch.

会長を囲んで 寒中に出会った「多様な美の世界」 2016年1月22日

1月22日、JAWK International 会長、Greenberg 治子様宅での「お茶の会」にお招きいただいた約30名の出席者はひととき「美の世界」に酔いしれました。ご主人の赴任先ポ-ランドで出会われた絵画、ポスタ-、キュ-バでの「爆発」と命名された壺?ロシア駐在の折フィンランドで治療中に取り組まれた織物が壁にかけられ、どれにも物語がありました。一番驚いたのはヒュ-ストン時代に始められた陶芸の作品の数々でした。テーブルには自ら作陶されたお皿・お湯呑・マグカップが並び、使い勝手が良く手に馴染みました。お玄関に置かれていたブラック ウオールナットの長椅子は日系のジョージ・中嶋氏が日本で作られた作品でした。こんな形のおもてなしを受けましたのは初めてでした。
治子様の締めくくりのご挨拶もこれからのJAWK の活動の指針になると思いました。「ご近所の留学生や外国人に日本の文化を伝えて下さい。」2016年、多くの旅行者が日本を訪れています。今、私達は身辺を見回し機会を捉えて、誇りにしている日本の伝統・文化を伝えたいと思いました。

Meeting our President January 22, 2016

Mrs. Haruko Greenberg, Honorary President of JAWK International, opened her home to 30 members for a tea party on January 22. The experience was an intoxication of art, unique and awakening. Paintings and posters purchased during her husband's stationing in Poland, an urn named "Explosion" from Cuba, tapestries that Haruko wove in Finland during their stay in Russia; each and every item had a story to tell. It was astounding to find that all the chinaware on the table, both attractive as well as comfortable, were her own creations from her Houston days. The unique black walnut bench in the entrance hall was made by Japanese-American artist, George Nakajima.
Haruko's closing comment was inspiring and perfect for JAWK activities. "Relay Japanese culture to your foreign neighbors and exchange students." 2016 has seen more tourists to Japan and I was motivated to relay the heritage and traditions that I am ever proud of.
Yoshiko Moriyama

コーラスクリスマス会 2015年12月11日


Christmas Chorus December 11, 2015

Friends and family were invited to the SING Chorus concert held at the Kobe Portopia Hotel on December 11. Chorus members had been rehearsing every month to prepare for the event. After enjoying lunch, members and guests joined in singing Christmas songs in a relaxed atmosphere.

奈良にぎり墨体験 2015年10月16日


Nara.Making Sumi ink October 16, 2015

At Kinkouen in Nara we learned about the history as well as the traditions of making sumi.
The main materials used to make sumi are pine smoke (shoen) or oil smoke (yuen), animal glue(nikawa)and fragrance.
Ninety percent of all sumi produced in Japan comes from Nara.
I could smell the fragrance of sumi floating inside the studio.
With this and the feeling of warmth and softness of the raw sumi in the palm of my hand I made the real original nigirizumi.
Chieko Kedenburg