JAWKインターナショナル(旧・関西日米婦人会)について About JAWK International

会長あいさつ President's Greetings

自分やパートナーの仕事で、ときには二、三年ごとに世界を転々とする私たち 「遊牧民」にとって、いま住むコミュニティーこそが、私たちの家となります。そこは、新しい友だちを作る場所、幸せな時 間や困難な時間を共有する場所、新しい文化や歴史を学ぶ場所、そして、私たちが人間として成長し続ける場所です。


文化豊かな関西には、探検に値する場所が、数多くあります。JAWKの先輩方は、そのような「宝物」を新しいメンバーに紹介する準備がいつもできていて、また、新しいメ ンバーは、常に新鮮で異なる視野を、組 織に提供してくれます。この結果、組織が、たえず多様でダイナミックな集合体であり続けるのです。JAWKが1977年 以来、長く活動を続けている所以は、まさにこの点にあると思います。

長い海外赴任のあと、日本に戻ってきた日本人として、私は、自分の国を知り、新しい友人を作るのを楽しみにしています。そして、両 手を広げて私たちを迎えてくれた暖かいコミュニティーに、私なりの貢献ができたらと思っています。

For us nomads, moving from one place to another in different parts of the world, sometimes every few years in order to follow our own work or accompany our partners, the community we live in becomes our own home. It is the place where we make new friends, share happy times and difficult times, learn a lot about the new culture and history, and continue to grow as human beings.

I am honored to be a part of this wonderful organization, JAWK International, where open-minded people, regardless of the nationality, work together to contribute to the local community, encouraging young women to pursue their dreams. JAWK is also a great gathering place for us to connect to each other, be inspired, and have fun together.

The Kansai region is very rich in culture and there are numerous things and places waiting to be explored. The veteran members are always ready to introduce such "treasures" to newcomers, and the newcomers would constantly bring new and different perspectives to the organization. As a result the group as a whole stays diverse and dynamic. I think that's the key to the long-lasting existence of JAWK since 1977.

Being a Japanese returning to Japan after many overseas assignments, I am looking forward to learning a lot about my own country, making new friends, and doing whatever I can to contribute to our community here that welcomed us with open arms and made us feel immediately at home.
Haruko Greenberg
JAWK International



JAWK International is:
a non-profit community and service organization established in 1977 by Mrs. Sue Ainsworth, the wife of the then Consul General of the United States of America. Starting with Japanese and American women, we have recently broadened our restrictions of our regular members to those who exhibit a strong enthusiasm to participate in JAWK activities. Regular members are limited to 100 Japanese and 100 non-Japanese women.



JAWK International's mission:
is to promote friendship, inter-cultural exchange and provide community service mainly in the Kansai area and to provide scholarships to promising female university students with financial need. Also, we provide support to locations suffering from large scale disasters.