JAWKインターナショナル (JAWK International 旧関西日米婦人会) 公式ホームページ

JAWKインターナショナル(旧・関西日米婦人会)について About JAWK International

JAWKインターナショナル名誉会長 Our New Honorary President

駐 大阪・神戸米国総領事カレン・ケリー氏

Consul General Karen Kelley
在任期間 2017年8月~2020年8月


40年の長きにわたるJAWKインターナショナルの活動に対して、駐 大阪・神戸米国総領事カレン・ケリー氏より表彰されました。
For 40 years of long-term activities JAWK lnternational was honored by Consul General Karen Kelley.


JAWK International is:
a non-profit community and service organization established in 1977 by Mrs. Sue Ainsworth, the wife of the then Consul General of the United States of America. Starting with Japanese and American women, we have recently broadened our restrictions of our regular members to those who exhibit a strong enthusiasm to participate in JAWK activities. Regular members are limited to 100 Japanese and 100 non-Japanese women.



JAWK International's mission:
is to promote friendship, inter-cultural exchange and provide community service mainly in the Kansai area and to provide scholarships to promising female university students with financial need. Also, we provide support to locations suffering from large scale disasters.